UAV/UGV Programming

Welcome to the UAV/UGV Programming Lab. UAV stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and UGV stands for Unmanned Ground Vehicle. We hope you find a passion for taking these vehicles to the next level using their sensors, cameras, and accessories using the programming tools available.

Sphero RVR

The Go-Anywhere, Do-Anything Programmable Robot. You'll have fun programming this robot with several built in sensors and LEDs. What are UAV's (Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles) used for? Agriculture, construction, trailer lots, taxi services, and so much more!

Meet the RVR

Ready to give your RVR a mission? You'll need Sphero EDU to get started.

What can I do with the RVR?

Drive - Drive around in the Sphero EDU app

Program - Use programming blocks or javascript to control RVR in the Sphero EDU app.

Create - Attach things to the top of RVR to really bring it to life. The dev plate and roll cage allow you to easily attach things to RVR, everything from action figures to electronics projects.

Make - Use the Sphero SDK ( to connect RVR to your electronics projects using platforms like Raspberry Pi, Arduino and Microbit.

Here are a couple of research projects Texas A&M is working on in this area to help you get the wheels turning for what you might do with your UAVs:

  • GPS-denied Mapping, Estimation and Navigation

  • Autonomous Shuttles

  • Autonomous Trucks

  • Collaborative Network of UAVs

  • Obstacle Avoidance, Mapping and Navigation

  • Autonomous Landing on Moving Targets

Articles of Interest