When can my school schedule a trailer?

Visit the Calendar page for time slots and registration form.

Do the trailers have different equipment?

While we have three trailers (designated as Green, Red, and Orange), they all have the same equipment in them with some minor exceptions. The Green trailer has a different brand Pneumatics lab than Red and Orange. At this point, that is the only difference. This may change over time as labs get pieces and parts replaced.

How much space is needed for setup?

Each of the 10 labs comes with a 6x2 foot table. These can be side-by-side or separated depending on the room and available space. Schools have had luck putting them in a Library or similar location that has supervision and can be secured after hours.

School WiFi Access

Each lab has a computer (or iPad) that will need access to the Internet. Please contact Ron Cone (rcone@esu10.org) and provide this information so the computers/smart home router/VR goggles/etc. will have access to the resources they needs to connect.

What happens when the trailer gets to the school?

Upon arrival, the coordinator will check in with the school contact (please designate name and number – phone and/or text) to survey lab location(s), review security of labs, electrical options, the best way to get labs into the school, setup, and options to park the trailer. It is helpful to have students and/or staff available to help move and setup the labs. We will have at least one moving cart. The lab boxes are quite heavy (50-150 lbs) and will need two people to lift onto the provided 6 foot tables.

To move from the trailer (in order): 10 tables, 10 labs, 3d Printer, Welding simulator, 9 computers, and 10 lid brackets.

Room Setup (in order): 10 tables, 10 labs to tables, 10 lids/brackets, electrical reel to each lab, 9 computers (plugged in, opened, logged into WiFi/Internet.)