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Getting Started Video

Note: Some of the actual hardware and software will differ from the NPPD Trailer and the instructions Chad Johnson shares in these videos.


  • Combining hardware and software to create a system
  • Programming
  • Electronics
  • Debugging

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  • Embedded Systems
  • Programmer
  • Engineer
  • Server Administrator
  • Designer

Getting Started

  • Startup Guide
  • 2 Minute Drill
  • Supply Checklist

Raspberry Pi

You have a full working computer at your hands in this tiny form single board computer from the Raspberry Pi Foundation! The RPi is used for so many different projects you'll be amazed at what fun you can have getting these to do most anything you can think of!

Get started!

Using Your Raspberry Pi


This kit from SparkFun will get you started using the Arduino platform to start building circuits, sensors, games, robots, and other fun projects!

Refer to the guidebook that accompanies these kits or access the Online Guidebook.

Makey Makey

These fun Makey Makey boards are an easy way to start inventing some pretty cool projects in a hurry! Create a drum kit with bananas. How about a game controller for your favorite game... that you use with your feet!?! Combine it with a Raspberry Pi and you can create your own game consoles!

How-tos to get you started!